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Canada // SKU: CANADA-10074979 // Ray Majoran
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Notes from Ray

(Kawagama Lake, Ontario, Canada)

On the week of September 2, 2019, I took part in an annual men’s retreat to Kawagama Lake (near Huntsville, Ontario). At 11pm on the Wednesday, my friend Stan and I decided to take out the pontoon boat to the middle of the lake (like we did last year) to revel in God’s creation.

The sky was black, the moon had set, and the stars were as bright as I’ve ever seen them. Like last year, there was no solar storm scheduled, but I  said to Stan, “I have a hunch that the Northern Lights are going to be out tonight.” As soon as we turned the corner out of our inlet and faced north, there they were! We took a number of photos and docked the boat just before midnight. I then spent the majority of the night driving around chasing the lights until around 3:30am. This photo was taken at 12:22am on the Thursday morning. God is always painting.

I rise at midnight to thank you for your righteous judgments.

— Psalm 119:62 (CSB)

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