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2020 Wall Calendar

Photo Locations

Where was that?

Wondering where the 2020 Kawagama & Bear Lakes calendar photos were taken? Look no further! All photos from the calendar are also available in prints. Be sure to browse through the collection.

The Specifics: Standing at the boat launch on the south shore, looking north, just after midnight. The combination of the big dipper and low clouds make for a surreal scene.

The Specifics: Aerial view facing west, about ten minutes before sunrise.

The Specifics: Multiple exposure timelapse from a dock in Wolf Inlet, facing south.

The Specifics: Aerial sunrise highlighting the shadows and mist one September morning.

The Specifics: Aerial view, looking east at the exact moment that the sun crested the landscape.

The Specifics: View from a ski boat, one beautiful summer afternoon.

The Specifics: A scene from the top of the hidden waterfall pools adjacent to Bear Mountain.

The Specifics: Looking south at the Milky Way and Mars over Wolf Inlet. Behind us (to the north), the aurora borealis danced over the landscape.

The Specifics: An overhead view of a small marshy river running through the forest.

The Specifics: Taking in the fall colors from a dock on Loon Bay.

The Specifics: We came across this beautiful creature on our way back from taking a series of photos on Bear Lake.

The Specifics: An aerial perspective of a beautiful area on the north side of Kawagama Lake Road.

The Specifics: This was the spectacular view facing north while we were shooting Milky Way photos (see July, above) over Wolf Inlet.

The Specifics: On the evening/morning of September 4th and 5th (2019), the northern lights danced throughout the night. This photo was taken at 2:18am, facing north.