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Questions & Answers

How can I support Compassion Gallery?

First are foremost, we would value your prayers—not just for us, but for the people we connect with, and for the organizations that we support. If you have a desire to tell others about us, or if you would like to purchase one of our fine art prints or books, we would appreciate that too.

Are you really donating 100% of profits to charity?

Yes, we are really donating 100% of profits to charity. For more details, check out this page.

How do I purchase a print?

The easiest way to purchase a print is to visit our gallery, select an image and click on Purchase Options. We offer Limited Edition prints for collectors and fine art enthusiasts, and Standard Edition prints for general wall decor. For more information on each type of print, see our section on collecting Compassion Gallery art. All of our Limited Edition Collector prints are limited to 153 total prints. (Why 153?)

How can I get a copy of your unOblivious book?

For more information on getting a copy of this book, click here.

How long have you guys been capturing images?

Brian and Ray have been shooting photos for their entire adult lives. Neither of them got very serious about it until 2010. That being said, some of our Compassion Gallery photos go back to 2000.

Are you related to Compassion International?

No, but we love what they're doing! We are good friends with the folks at Compassion Canada, and even reached out to them to get their blessing on using the word, "Compassion" in our name.

I am a photographer. Can I support you guys?

First of all, thank you for what you do! You have the ability to change the world through your passion and skillset. If you like what we do, we'd appreciate your support in telling others about us and following us on Instagram. Someday, Lord willing, we may even add more photographers to the Compassion Gallery fold.

Do you have a mailing list that I can join? 

Absolutely. Please enter your email below.