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Collecting Our Art
Become a Compassion Gallery Collector

Our Prints

Thanks to our advocates out there (you know who you are) who have taken an appreciation for Compassion Gallery, and our mandate to inspire the world through God's beauty, and to bring hope to the most vulnerable. It is truly an honor to serve in this capacity.

If you've purchased a print from Compassion Gallery, you've already started collecting. If you haven't hung any of our work on your wall yet, we invite you to do so! Compassion Gallery artwork comes in two formats: Limited Edition Collector prints, and Standard Edition prints.

Limited Edition Collector Prints

Our Limited Edition prints are meant for collectors and fine art enthusiasts. Each print is framed (or facemounted), personally signed, numbered, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) from Compassion Gallery.


The sizing of Limited Edition prints for a given photo depends on the specific photo. Some photos can be printed to fit an entire wall, while others are meant to be framed in a smaller capacity. Once you find the right image in our gallery, you can preview what it looks like with our customized Wall Preview tool.

Limited Number of Prints

The total number of Limited Edition prints available for each photo is 153. (Why 153?) Once an image reaches 153 Limited Edition prints, no more Limited Edition prints of that image will ever be printed again.


The cost for each print varies based on sizing and what number the print is at in the series. The price of a Limited Edition Collector print goes up after 40% of the Limited Edition series has been sold, and it continues to go up in succession as the series begins to sell out. Therefore, if you want to collect a Limited Edition piece, it's best to get in early.

The cost of Limited Edition framed prints varies considerably depending on the size and frame style. To request a quote for a Limited Edition Collector print, locate the image in our gallery and click on Purchase Options.

Affordable Standard Edition Prints

Looking for an affordable solution to decorate your home or office? Compassion Gallery offers Standard Edition (non-Collector) prints for most of our images.

Sizing & Cost
  • 12x8 print, professionally matted to 18x12 - $100
  • 18x12 print, professionally matted to 24x18 - $200

Prices are in US Dollars, except in Canada where pricing is in Canadian dollars. Amounts do not include taxes or shipping. Standard Prints are unnumbered and include a small watermarked Compassion Gallery logo on the bottom corner of the image.